The way we grow crops to feed our planet is changing

The demand for more sustainable and planet friendly solutions to agriculture is growing, Naturefarm is committed to using Biotechnology to create products that minimise environmental impacts, while maximising crop performance and yield. 

Naturefarm are a New Zealand based Agricultural Biotechnology company. Our company is committed to helping farmers and growers maximise their yield using microbial solutions and biofertilisers. We’re committed to changing New Zealand agriculture through innovative biological solutions.

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About Naturefarm

Naturefarm was founded in 2001 by Mike Daly as a trading company for a Japanese-developed microbial product in New Zealand. That product range is now extensive and is marketed in New Zealand under EMNZ. In addition to being the base of operations for EMNZ, Nature contract manufactures for a number of other companies, manufacturing a range of Turf and Foliar fertilisers that include biology to enhance product efficacy. From small beginnings the company now has an expansive factory and showroom/office complex in the heart of Christchurch.  The company works at a business to business level to supply a range of microbial additives to companies within New Zealand.


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