Nature Farm

What We Do

Naturefarm works with companies developing microbial solutions to enhance their own products. We develop microbial technologies for use in a wide range of food production systems.  These include the agriculture, pastoral and horticulture sectors. We aim to work closely with clients to develop a microbial component, to enhance efficacy of their products. 

How does it Work

Our microbial solutions work by getting the natural processes to function, the way nature intended. The important concept in understanding how microbes work, is that they function in teams and rely on each other to be able to perform individually, and therefore effectively as a combination. These microorganisms are completely natural and all are found in the environment, with many found also in food processing applications (e.g. Lactic acid bacteria in Yoghurt).


What are the benefits of using our Microbial Solutions?

Our Microbial techonology has had amazing results with trials conducted the world over showing that it can:

  • Activate soil life
  • Promote plant life
  • Improve fertiliser response
  • Suppress harmful microbes
  • Restore water quality
  • Activate compost
  • Control odour
  • Bio-activate septic tank systems

What are the potential applications of our Microbial Solutions?


The application and use of microbial technology in NZ is wide and varied:

  • From crops like peas, wheat, linseed to onions, potatoes, carrots and beans.
  • From sheep, cows and deer, to pigs and chickens
  • From wine grapes and olives to saffron and lavender
  • From recycling food waste in restaurants and schools back to gardens
  • From household food waste to larger office blocks and Universities collecting lunchtime food waste.
  • From small composting toilets in holiday homes to large composting toilets in mountain chalets for trampers and mountaineers.
  • From controlling odours at commercial and large municipal composting sites to controlling odours and improving water quality at vineyards treating their own wastewater

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Soil Effluent Environment Silage Plant

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