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Silage Inoculant

Unlike other silage additives, our microbial inoculant can be used on all silage crops, whether grass, whole crop or maize and is not dependant on environmental conditions - eliminating the need for different additives. It is simple to use, safe and easy to handle and more importantly will save you money and boost the health of your stock.

silage bales

Why use a microbial silage inoculant?

Our microbial silage product is an extremely 'cost effective' silage additive which can be used with any crop, be it grass, maize or other. It is applied at the same rate, regardless of crop type or time of year. It is a cultured bacterial inoculant, which contrary to many other bacterial inoculants contains not only lactic acid bacteria but also yeasts.

How does it work?

The lactic acid bacteria present ferment some of the sugars into lactic acid causing a decline in pH which results in a more stable silage (less perishable). The other bacteria and moulds cause under anaerobic conditions (as inside a closed silo) a type of pre-fermentation, resulting in the release of antioxidants and vitamins. Nutrients that are difficult to digest will be converted and which will make the intake and digestion of those nutrients easier and faster for the cow. This will increase the milk yield of the cow. The odour and palatability of the silage will also change, which will be highly appreciated by the cow. Using our microbial inoculant creates substances will be formed which inhibit heating in the silage, this means there will be less risk of overheating once the silo is opened.


  • Improve the rumen activity of animal
  • Use on grass, maize and whole crop
  • Higher intake of silage
  • Tastes good-feeds good
  • Less silage losses
  • Reduced heating
  • Contains ‘healthy’ yeast
  • More energy, more milk
  • Less methane, cleaner environment
  • Lower cost price per litre by using our microbial inoculant

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