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Environmental Inoculant

Our microbial solutions work equally effectively in waste management situations. Primarily by restoring polluted water and waterways and also reducing odours, composting food waste and other waste quickly.

Waste Water

There are usually two issues around waste water that can be problematic:

  • Odour
  • Sludge build-up

Our microbial solutions are firstly, very effective at controlling bad odours coming from waste water. This is usually a rapid suppressing effect initially, and then as the function of the waste water system is restored to a fully biological one, the odour is not produced at all.

Over time the sludge will reduce and clarity and quality of the water will improve significantly making it suitable for applying to land and crops in many instances. In New Zealand many Wineries use microbial solutions to control odour in their waste water systems.

Odour Control

Odour is a major issue in many situations today. From septic tanks at home... to landfills and urban sewage systems. From the pet enclosure at home... to large scale pig farming or calf rearing, microbes can have a rapid and effective impact on malodours. They work by overcoming the odour producing microbes (such as sulphide producing bacteria), and replacing them with beneficial microbes. They then change the process of breakdown so that the odour producing microbes are displaced. The effect of spraying an odourous environment can be very rapid, the odour can be reduced to 80% within 8 hours.

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