Nature Farm

Effluent Inoculant

Using our microbial inoculant in effluent ponds is primarily targeted at creating a balanced microbial environment which supresses negative and promotes beneficial organisms. Our inoculant is made up of mixed cultures of beneficial and natural occurring microorganisms that can be applied as inoculants to increase the microbial diversity of your effluent pond. These microorganisms have a “reviving action” on systems and are completely safe to use. In effluent ponds our microbes work by processing the carbon source in the pond, eliminating harmful pathogens and stimulating the existing microbial population, thereby improving the decomposition of effluent.



Our microbes are a organic certified product which are safe to use and has many benefits in controlling effluent, including:

  • Reduction in odour levels
  • Reduction in sludge
  • Reduction in organic matter
  • Improved pond biology and function
  • Compete against harmful pathogens in effluent and application sites
  • Inoculates pond with beneficial microbes
  • Decrease in Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • Decrease in Total Soluble Solids (TSS)
  • Decreasing surface crust

Effluent Use

Effluent treated with our microbes can then be maximised as a plant and soil nutrient agent increasing soil biology and helping to increase pasture growth. Our microbial solutions are in their own right an effective organic fertiliser and in conjunction with effluent will drive organic matter recycling, build humus - the food for your soil and plants, improve nitrogen fixation and increase micorrhyzal activity, which leads to more effective nutrient availability.

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