Nature Farm

EMNZ Online Store and Re-Brand

Please note that our EM range of product is still available on the rebranded EMNZ website. We have rebranded and Naturefarm will focus on working at the Corporate level developing relationships with other companies around microbial technologies for product enhancement.EMNZ leaf

This means that products you formerly purchased from Naturefarm will still be available but will now be sold under the EMNZ brand.

Our product previously named EM1 has also been re-branded.

For our agricultural, horticulture, and viticulture customers we have:

  • EM Soil and Crop - this is the same great product that is a concentrate form of EM which can be activated and expanded on farm to make it super economical.
  • EM Environment - is designed for composting, cleaning up water ways and using in Septic tanks
  • EM “Ready to Use” is our activated expanded product prepared by us, for you to use without further preparation.

For our home gardeners and household use we have:

  • EM Garden (general use around home and garden)
  • EM Environment (septic tank, compost, odours)
  • EM Home (a cleaning product)